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Research & Design

Entering China without sufficient knowledge of the local market can be costly. Understanding China’s diverse economic and cultural climate is a necessary precursor to market success.


To assist our clients with market entry into China, SMH provides comprehensive market research studies and localized marketing strategies to help companies gain an accurate and nuanced understanding of the Chinese market. 
The findings of our studies help clients identify ideal product placement, circumvent weakness, accentuate brand strength, and expand brand recognition in China. SMH conducts individualized market research for each of our clients’ products, covering components such as: current market trends, competitive analysis, import requirements and regulation, projected incremental price changes, and advice from trade industry professionals. 
SMH also provides design services for producing marketing materials, including: posters, brochures, catalogs, recipes, giveaways, and samplings.


For examples of consumer research and design documents, please contact us. 

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Research & Design
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