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Consumer & Retail Promotions

SMH has close relationship with a variety of retail stores and organizations in China. These invaluable partnerships make it possible to keep your brand and product line current with market trends in the ever-evolving Chinese market to ensure they meet the needs of local consumers. 
The guidance of SMH has resulted in offline and E-commerce retail success for many foreign brands in China.


Family Cooking Class

Wild Blueberries

Alaska Seafood Chef Competition


Bakery Promotion with Ichi Bakery

California Milk Advisory Board

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Other Services

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With over 20 years of experience, SMH has longstanding relationships with a variety of traditional and new media outlets. Dedicated to providing professional services, we deliver presentable and engaging activities to raise awareness and provide further outreach for your business.

Public Relations & Events

To establish brand awareness and guarantee a high level of exposure to China’s major urban centers, SMH employs strategic methods to familiarize the target audience with your brand/products. Using a variety of different advertising avenues the best solution for your business can be found. 


SMH is widely connected to a variety of partner retail stores and organizations. These invaluable partnerships make it possible to keep your product/brand current with market trends in the ever-evolving Chinese market to ensure they effectively reach your target customers.

Consumer & Retail Promotions
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Entering China without sufficient knowledge of the local market can be costly. Understanding China’s diverse economic and cultural climate is a necessary precursor to market success. We conduct extensive market research to ensure the best strategy for your brand/product.

Research & Design
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